OA for community service is a platform for different communities across the globe were anyone can help a needy with complete anonymity. It’s an easy-to-use service, regardless of age or gender. Our platform will allow you to grow, engage and monetise your community in one single place.

Our work was uniting Design & Technology for the convenience of community with right balance of service features, creating value with best-in-class Touch Computing, accepting more services request and serving the doners without requiring to hassle with long Q’s with an agreed level of operational performance with highly available Hardware & creating value through digital innovation.

OA for community is embedded with a comprehensive Touch Software for the doners. The Kiosk with Integral components accepts digital payments through UPI and Cards, the device is capable of printing receipts for the services selected, creating value for doners convenience beyond imagination and accelerating the digital revolution.

Millions of doners across the globe who want to donate but also want to be discreet can use this service to perform their religious duty to give alms to the needy.