Understanding your customer is your key step to success. Your customer would shop his best, when he is at ease. We provide high end technology without comprising on security which helps your customer shop with confidence.


  • The number of people currently in a checkout queue.
  • The queuing time of the last person to leave the queue.
  • The number of active service points (for example ticket booths or retail checkouts open)
  • The average queuing time over the last, say, 15 minutes.
  • How many people left the queue before reaching the front.
  • How many people jumped the queue.
  • The average queue length.
  • How often more than seven (for instance) people were in the queue.
  • Daily figures, for example, 95% of people queued for less than 5 minutes.

Long Queues Blessing or a Curse!

  • How long customers will wait
  • Unoccupied time feels larger than occupied
  • Customer wait time and anxiety
  • Reduced footfalls
  • Customer leave irritated, no matter what
  • Customer satisfaction v/s torture
  • Occupy retail customer time
  • Speed up check outs
  • Occupy customer wait time more constructively
  • Customer shelf views
  • Customer retention

Scan your Product

  • Scan your selected item barcode using Order Aider scanner

Check Out

  • Add your products easily
  • Quick increase product quantity
  • Know your product pricing and discounts
  • Remove your products easily

Add to Cart

  • Get Product Name, Qty, Price
  • Quick Add to Cart

Pay Now

  • Avoid long “Q” lines
  • PAY your bill by using e-wallet, Cards etc…
  • Take your bill at Order Aider Machine and Leave

Even Faster Checkout with 360 Degree Scanner