OA For Transportation is a services launched majorly to support the ride service at common nodal points. These common points could be at Airports, Malls… or any place which serves a large number of commuters with high frequency of pickup through common vehicles with different source of Mobile applications. OA Facilitates using the Hardware embedded with a comprehensive cloud-based multi vendor Application for transport booking, integrated to all available payment options.

Customer Advantage

  • OA allows hassle free booking with Transport available on the Go
  • OA Notifications gives costumers option to avoid standing, rather using a Service pin to use any vehicle available
  • OA Promotions & Advertisements help customer with wider range of options
  • OA Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Technique help customer with frequently used locations and faster checkouts
  • OA Offers special discounts and offers to customer through different payment wallets and cards
  • OA allows customers to give feedback on their previous bookings as available in the App

High competition has made "customer satisfaction" the most relevant factor for survival in the industry. Customer satisfaction can be attained only by making changes relevant to meet the requirements of the customers from time to time.