OA For Education is the most revolutionary tool of all time, for Universities and Schools, but it doesn’t end there.

Managing school affairs needs immense commitment, a deep passion, hard work and a systematic way to provide a successful educational experience to the students and parents.

Management Administrators in Educational institutions today spend hours communicating with wards and students and giving them information they require, be it Examination slip to Information post and pre School/Examination.

To help the Institutes extend the radius of an education, and to comply with the digital world, our Innovative Solutions are there to ease the task of managing Institutional affairs, by offering completely automated data management systems, on Self Service Kiosk.

OA For Education is a Self Service Kiosk embedded with a comprehensive Educational ERP to provide

  • Accurate information and acceleration of data transfer
  • Solving the issue of time
  • Quality of administrative performance
  • Easy of Information access
  • Economic impacts as results of using the system

OA focus on, Primarily mapping the vision to develop education and learning and coexist with others in the framework of commitment and responsibility. OA is an Innovative, Modernized digital System to empower the educational institutions with its Innovative, Modernized Digital System by automating the manual administrative tasks efficiently with self service.